Our Journey Back to a Healthy Life 

Our Story:  Can you actually wear down the sole of your shoes from pacing on a tile floor? Maybe it’s not the sole of my shoes I’m inferring too. An hour can pass very quickly when your practicing your best acting in your mind to prepare to trick your young children that Mommy is calm and in control. My heart seemed to pump faster as I held each tiny hand and walked into the intensive care unit as unanimously suggested by my husband’s team of doctors. Nine months and 4 surgeries later I was still arguing with each doctor that the love of my life will not die and can fight through this nightmare. And together we did? I can assure you, little did I know it was only the first of ongoing stays at the hospital for the next thirteen years battling fistulating Crohn’s disease and an array of horrible secondary ailments and illnesses. It takes a huge toll on your children’s emotional stability, financial well-being, and brings forth a whole new perception of spiritual awareness.

There were many long nights of sitting hours on the cold bathroom floor caressing my husband’s arm while waiting for his intense pain and vomiting to subside. There was also, numerous nights being awoken to my husband trying to quietly change his pillow cover and pajamas because they were soaked through from cold sweats.  An entire kitchen cabinet was dedicated to hold all the prescribed medications to be taken daily or as needed in between each hospital visit. Even I must admit that I find myself chuckling at the end of every medication commercial as the low toned voice fades in to read off all the “possible” side effects of taking this prescribed drug. There had to be something to help us achieve the luxury of normalcy in our lives and we were determined to find it.

After deep research and trying many types of holistic therapies, we finally found our bliss. It still amazes us that it was and still is CBD oil that made our dreams a reality. It doesn’t seem to be worth the breath to disagree with all the doctor’s results from CAT scans, MRI’s, blood tests, colonoscopies, etc. that the only explanation is a true miracle. Now CBD oil has become a part of our everyday life.  I’ve watched my husband rebound from a 150-pound sickly appearance to the handsome, muscular man I had married years before. It started with and increase in energy. I wasn’t finding him in the middle of the day fatigued and slumped over his desk trying to work. He was no longer laboring going up and down the stairs. But instead he began working out, playing tennis and spending quality time with his family. His joint pain, inflammation of his limbs, nausea and spending hours in the bathroom were no longer dominating his life. He is now able to eat nutritious foods that his digestive system had never been able to tolerate.

We ask you to stay tuned to our updates of our family’s new profound healthy life………

                                                                                                              That is our amazing story. Please tell us yours…..