Are All CBD Products & Brands Similar?

As CBD erupts into a multibillion dollar industry, naturally, many legitimate players are entering the industry. However, not surprisingly, many charlatans are entering as well, which means that buyers must do their homework and select and stick with trusted brands. The industry’s lack of regulation and transparency has opened the door for serious concerns and have really put the burden on you – the consumer. 

Recent independent tests on a multitude of brands have revealed that some either had less than stated or even no CBD oil in it. Additionally, Dangerous pesticides and additives were found present. The labels were found to be totally inaccurate. That said, when purchasing CBD from a company, it is always prudent to ask to see a COA (certificate of analysis), which states every ingredient present in the beatch you are purchaing from. It is always smart to stick with a transparent brand. There are some out there and we do highlight the limited ones that we have tested and would highly recommend. See our “High Quality Products” page or click on any coupon or promo and save money on your purchase. 

The quality brands are transparent and want the FDA to regulate the industry as that will weed out about 75% of the brands that should not be selling CBD to begin with. It is common knowledge within the industry that only a small percentage of CBD brands are legitimate and produce quality CBD oil and stand by their products. Watch out for international brands, avoid products that make sweeping health claims, ask to see their COA, only purchase CBD oil listing amounts of CBD and THC, if possible, stick with organic products, and try to buy brands that control the process from “farm to shelf”. Furthermore, products that have been manufactured using CO2 extraction are non-toxic and obviously superior. Some products have also been tested by 3rd party labs, which provide an abundance of confidence to the consumer. Finally, we recommend doing your research and finding reviews from others who have used the product. If it is a reputable brand, there should be ample feedback out there. 

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The information on this page is based on studies and research as well as experiences from CBD users. For medical condition it is important to consult a licensed healthcare practitioner regarding any potential interacts or complications before consuming a quality CBO product.