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Industry Growth:

News of its healing effects has had an enormous effect on the nascent CBD market. According to the Brightfield Group, a market research firm that specializes in cannabis, the CBD market is exploding, and is expected to increase from roughly $292 million in 2016, to $2.15 billion by 2021. In other words, the CBD market is expected to grow at an astonishing CAGR (compound annual growth rate) of 49.08% per year!

As the CBD oil market continues to grow at such a substantial rate, more and more products are being sold online or in local health food stores. Forbes estimates that 65% of CBD oil revenue will come from online sales.

More people are turning to natural medicines as an alternative for addictive and side-effect inducing prescription drugs, which is greatly contributing to the popularity of CBD products across the country. Many economists are conservatively predicting that sales for CBD products will increase by 700% by the year 2020. This increase will cause the CBD industry to become a 2.1 billion dollar market. As a result, many investors and businesses are turning their attention to CBD products.

The increase of the popularity of CBD can largely be contributed to the advancements in scientific research revolving around the medical benefits of CBD and growing public interest in alternative medicine. CBD products have been found to be useful for treating a variety of physical and mental health conditions, alleviating pain and inflammation, and even aiding in cancer recovery.

It is our mission to educate people about the healing powers of CBD so that more people will begin to become more accepting of CBD treatments. If we can even partly accomplish our mission individuals around the world will be able the experience all the incredible healing and health benefits that CBD products have to offer.

Here at, we strive to bring you the Latest CBD News updated on a daily basis. Feel free to browse our growing selection of news articles and click to read the full article.

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This National Grocery Chain Will Carry CBD in 17 States

Yahoo! Finance) In case you haven't been paying attention, legal cannabis is a big-dollar business model. Having generated $12.2 billion in global (legal) sales in 2018, according to figures from Arcview Market Research and BDS Analytics, the worldwide weed industry could make a run at $50 billion, or perhaps $75 billion, in annual sales by the time 2029-2030 rolls around. Retailers far and wide want their piece of this potential $22 billion pie For example, earlier this year we saw the nation's three largest pharmacies -- CVS Health (NYSE: CVS), Walgreens Boots Alliance (NASDAQ: WBA), and Rite Aid (NYSE: RAD) -- announce their intention to carry CBD topicals in their stores. If you're wondering why topicals and not edibles, beverages, or other dietary supplements, it's because the FDA has forbidden CBD as an additive to food, beverages, and dietary supplements for the time being, making topicals the safest route for retailers. However, the FDA is reviewing a possible change to this policy, and is in the process of taking public comments, concerns, and rebuttals on CBD as an additive into July. On Monday morning, June 10, The Detroit News announced that national grocery chain Kroger (NYSE: KR), which has well over 2,700 branded food-retail stores nationwide, would begin carrying CBD topical products in 17 states, including Michigan.

Bill that would legalize CBD for epileptic children lands on Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis' desk

Gov. Ron DeSantis has 10 business days to decide whether he'll sign legislation that will allow epileptic children in Florida to have access to a drug that contains CBD, the non-euphoric chemical derived from cannabis. The bill – HB 7107 – pertains to the drug Epidiolex, which was approved by the Food and Drug Administration earlier this week. The FDA describes the drug as an "oral solution for the treatment of seizures associated with two rare and sever forms of epilepsy, Lennox-Gastaut syndrome and Dravet syndrome, syndrome in patients 2 years of age and older." The drug would be covered by insurance and is made by GW Pharmaceuticals. It's estimated to cost about $32,500 a year. The measure, which earned unanimous approval from both legislative chambers, would change CBD's classification under state law from a Schedule I to a Schedule V, meaning it has a low potential for abuse. For those who've been living under a rock for the last several years, here's more information on the difference between CBD and THC. A quick synopsis: THC gets you high when you consume it and CBD doesn't. De Santis has until July 11 to sign the bill. If approved, it would take effect immediately.

CBD for Cancer: Everything You Need to Know

Controversial or not, there is mounting evidence that medical marijuana has remarkable health benefits. This is particularly true with CBD for cancer. With its many health benefits, marijuana or cannabis is becoming more and more popular in the natural medicine industry. Two of its active cannabinoid components, cannabidiol, which is also known as CBD, and delta 9 tetrahydrocannabinol or THC, have been subjects of several medicinal studies over a period of time. CBD for cancer is a growing area, too. These studies have found a link between cannabis and the human endocannabinoid system. The endocannabinoid system, which contains receptors that bind with the cannabinoid compounds found in marijuana, is responsible for regulating a variety of physiological and psychological processes in the human body. With the presence of receptors and endocannabinoids in the central nervous system, cognitive and physical activities are greatly influenced. THC and CBD have a different impact on both significant receptors, which are CB1 and CB2. While THC alleviates nausea, pain, and inflammation, CBD can also reduce inflammation and nausea without that “high” feeling that’s usually present with THC use. In addition, aside from being a beauty regimen and a relief for premenstrual and menopausal symptoms in women, there have been discussions that CBD can also help in the treatment of cancer.

The Rugby Players-Turned-Entrepreneurs Driving The CBD Market In The Sporting World

(Forbes) Ever since Cannabidiol (CBD) was made legal in the U.K. in 2016, CBD startups have been springing up everywhere. One of the latest is fourfivecbd, created by two rugby players and aimed at athletes and health conscious people. Founded in January 2018 by England rugby player George Kruis and former Wales international Dom Day, fourfivecbd launched its first range of products this year, including a zero THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) product. The CBD industry is a booming industry, with recent reports forecasting a 700% increase in market growth to $2.1 billion by 2020. In the U.K. the market for CBD is generating around £50 million ($63 million) annually. But what made two successful professional rugby players - Kruis will play for England at the World Cup in Japan in September this year - decide to go into business together? “We saw an opportunity and wanted to create a product that people can trust; for athletes, by athletes,” says Kruis. “Also, because professional sport is a short career, like many other athletes we are starting to plan for life off the field.” The idea for their business first emerged during changing room chatter when a number of players were talking about the health benefits of CBD. The pair, who had suffered their share of injuries on the pitch, had been interested in finding out about more natural alternative therapies.

For CBD, Self-Regulation Is Best

(Forbes) The Farm Bill has passed, and the CBD market is booming. Curious consumers can find CBD, the conventional term for cannabidiol, in health-food stores and coffee shops, at the beauty counter and yes, in cannabis dispensaries. CBD and THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) are both found in the cannabis plant. But while THC is the psychoactive component of the plant — the molecule that makes you feel high — CBD offers many of the therapeutic benefits, including the reduction of inflammation, stress and insomnia, among others. The CBD found in products outside legal cannabis dispensaries is predominantly derived from hemp, a plant that is now federally legal to grow and sell, thanks to the Farm Bill. Incidentally, the Farm Bill’s strongest supporter was none other than Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, no doubt looking out for the many farmers in his home state of Kentucky who would greatly benefit by its passage. Cowen and Company estimates that hemp CBD products generated as much as $2 billion in revenue last year and could generate $16 billion in sales by 2025.

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CBD business exploding as FDA works to create regulations

BROOMFIELD, Colo. — If you need an indicator of how Colorado’s CBD business is going, look no further than Mile High Labs’ new home in Broomfield. It’s a 400,000-square-foot plant, formerly a pharmaceutical facility, that will soon produce mass amounts of CBD isolate. “I like to say we have 400,000 square feet of optimism behind us here. We are very confident the FDA is going to move forward in a sensible way,” said the company’s communications director, Christopher Lackner, hopeful about how the FDA will regulate this relatively new product. “We are very hopeful that it will be regulated as a food and dietary supplement and that will allow the industry to move forward in such a way that products you see on the shelf, you can be assured that they’re safe, that they’re quality and that the label actually says what is in the container.” Mile High Labs doesn’t make medical claims and also has concerns over product purity and quality. Lackner said they produce “products and ingredients that are incredibly consistent and incredibly pure” in medical-grade labs but that the same can’t be said about some other producers. The FDA has opened up a public comment period in order to hear from all stakeholders before creating new regulations. Mile High Labs' message to the FDA is “don’t wait.”

CBD Oils for Cancer

Cannabis has many names, including hemp, marijuana, pot, hash, and grass. People have been using it for ages for medicinal and recreational purposes. The cannabis plant produces a resin that has substances known as cannabinoids that have many benefits. A few of the most important benefits are its ability to help with preventing cancer, fighting it and providing relief from post-cancer pain. Let’s know the truth about it. People thinking of using CBD oils for cancer should know that there should be no or minimal THC or tetrahydrocannabinol in the product. It causes a high that can be bad for your overall health and can land you in trouble with the authorities. It is also wise to note that the research on CBD helping with cancer are promising but not conclusive as more research is needed in this regard. CBD oils can help cancer patients in many ways. Some of them are: It helps stimulate your appetite and combat loss of appetite due to cancer. It makes you stronger and helps you to maintain a healthy weight. Using CBD oils for cancer and its treatment can help with the pain. Cancer patients usually suffer pain due to inflammation, nerve injury, or pressure on the internal organs. CBD oil can help people who have grown immune to opioids, and they no longer lessen the pain. Choosing CBD oils for cancer is a smart move as it may help with the prevention of cancer, treatment of cancer, and offer post-cancer relief. If you still have a doubt, talk to a medical professional/ check reviews online and then pick a CBD oil for you. It will give you better confidence, and you will be surer of your decision.

As Competition Increases, CBD Companies Need The Right Mentors To Survive

(Forbes) The CBD industry may be the riskiest sure bet ever. First, the sure bet. The demand for CBD in multiple types of consumer goods—from foods to healthcare to beauty products—is going to provide companies a wealth of opportunities. In a survey of 2,000 U.S. consumers, 1,500 reported using a CBD product within the last three months. With a CAGR of 39.5% for CBD oil alone, the U.S. CBD market is sprinting towards becoming a multibillion dollar industry. On its way to becoming a juggernaut industry, hemp and CBD are revitalizing farming in many places hit hard by the tariff wars or by diminishing profit margins on staple goods. For something that remains illegal under federal law in most applications and shares many of the associations with its cannabis cousin, marijuana, the rise of CBD is meteoric. The mainstreaming of CBD goes back to the beginning of 2018, perhaps, and was boosted when the 2018 Farm Bill legalized industrial hemp. And we’re nowhere close to the ceiling. While CBD’s popularity may be a sure bet, the risks of running a business in this space are manifold. Unlike a normal consumer goods company, products that incorporate CBD will be under special scrutiny from regulators. Though the Farm Bill pushed hemp-derived CBD to the purview of the FDA—rather than the DEA—the FDA is making it clear that they won’t be a pushover. Right after the Farm Bill passed, the FDA passed regulations restricting CBD as a dietary supplement. Over the last six months, there’s been uncertainty in the rules surrounding CBD products—rules which many companies have largely ignored.

US Open Golf & CBD
Players are using and endorsing CBD, but the PGA Tour is wary

(Golf Digest) It’s one of the most popular trends on tour. And, some would argue, one of its riskiest. In 2018, the World AntiDoping Agency removed CBD from its Prohibited List, allowing its use by PGA Tour players and Olympic athletes. (The tour, as a participant in the Games, takes its direction on drug enforcement from WADA and the United States Anti-Doping Agency.) Maggie Durand of WADA says a drug is placed on the list for meeting two of three criteria: It has the potential to enhance sport performance, it represents a health risk to the athletes, and it violates the spirit of sport. According to tour players, caddies and coaches interviewed by Golf Digest, perhaps 15 to 20 players, or more, routinely use a CBD product. Bubba Watson, Charley Hoffman, Lucas Glover and Scott Piercy are among the high-profile names with CBD-related sponsorships, along with Champions player Scott McCarron. What spurs the players’ CBD use varies. Cited benefits include anti-inflammatory properties, anxiety relief, and improved sleep. Watson, who has been the most vocal player on the topic, says the product keeps him pain-free.

Mitch McConnell Talks CBD Regulations With FDA Head

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) met with the head of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on Thursday, urging him to develop regulations so that hemp-derived CBD can be lawfully marketed. The senator, who championed a hemp legalization provision of the 2018 Farm Bill and has since put hemp near the center of his own 2020 reelection campaign, told Acting FDA Commissioner Ned Sharpless that his constituents are eager for clarification so that they can produce and sell CBD infused into food products or as dietary supplements. FDA has taken some steps to that end. It held a public meeting in May, inviting industry stakeholders to provide input on the issue, for example. But former Commissioner Scott Gottlieb indicated that it may take an act of Congress to create a regulatory pathway for CBD, or else it could take several years for the FDA to get it done. The reason for the protracted timeline is that CBD currently exists as an FDA-approved drug (Epidiolex) and also has never been previously introduced into the food supply—factors that complicate the regulatory process, Gottlieb said. McConnell isn’t interested in waiting years for the FDA to produce CBD rules. n from the FDA,” he said in a press release.

FDA is Committed to Sound, Science-based Policy on CBD

( Science forms the basis for decisions at the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and is paramount when it comes to making decisions that will impact the health and safety of the American public. We apply this rigorous, science-based approach to matters large and small that come before the Agency — including with respect to products containing cannabis or cannabis-derived compounds, including cannabidiol (CBD). We recognize that there is significant public interest in these products, for therapeutic purposes and otherwise. At the same time, there are many unanswered questions about the science, safety, and quality of many of these products. As we approach these questions, we do so as a science-based regulatory agency committed to our mission of protecting and promoting public health. The FDA’s approach to cannabis and cannabis-derived compounds has been consistent. We treat substances derived from cannabis just like we do any other substances, and they are subject to the same authorities as any other substance. That said, some other relevant laws have changed, and so has the market.

The Most Effective Ways To Use CBD

In case you missed it, we're in the midst of a CBD boom. Beyond just tinctures and gummies, companies are adding cannabidiol, the non-psychoactive compound found in cannabis and hemp products, in everything from beauty products to fast food cheeseburgers. For some people, taking CBD is part of their daily wellness routine, akin to taking a morning vitamin or medication. Others prefer to enjoy the many CBD foods out there, or soak in a CBD bath at the end of the day. There's almost an overwhelming array of options available for the CBD connoisseur. But, the question is, what's the best and most effective way to experience the effects of CBD? Well, it's tough to say. The key to understanding the effectiveness of the delivery mechanism for CBD is recognizing that each person is different, explains Rick Weissman, president of High Falls Hemp, a New York-based CBD company. "There are clinical studies which suggest that inhalation and sublingual transmission are the most effective," he adds. Vapes and sublingual (aka under the tongue) tinctures tend to be the most effective methods because they put CBD right into your bloodstream, he says.

Abercrombie & Fitch to sell CBD products at 160 stores

(Fox Business) Teen lifestyle retailer Abercrombie & Fitch Opens a New Window. will sell CBD-infused products at more than 160 of its stores, expanding on an existing partnership with Green Growth Brands as more companies look to capitalize on the CBD craze. The apparel brand will sell products Opens a New Window. from Green Growth Brands’ Seventh Sense Botanical Therapy line, including CBD-infused body lotions, lip balms and sugar scrubs. Abercrombie & Fitch previously held a trial run for the products at 10 stores. The CBD industry could be worth $22 billion by the year 2022, according to research by the Brightfield Group. Walgreens, CVS and Vitamin Shoppe are among the retailers who have recently begun carrying CBD products. The expanded CBD partnership comes as Abercrombie & Fitch contends with sagging sales and dwindling customer traffic at brick-and-mortar locations. The retailer has said it will close as many as 40 stores in 2019.

Wyden presses FDA to update hemp-based CBD rules

Sen. Ron Wyden, D-Ore., on Tuesday urged the Food and Drug Administration to promptly issue guidance that ensures the regulatory pathway Congress intended for the lawful use of hemp-derived cannabidiol (CBD) as a food additive and as a dietary ingredient in dietary supplements. In a letter to Department of Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar and FDA Acting Commissioner Ned Sharpless, Wyden urged the FDA to issue its formal enforcement discretion policy by August 1, 2019. He also requested that – pending publication of a permanent final rule – the agency initiate rulemaking to allow the manufacturing and sale of products containing hemp-derived CBD under the existing statutory and regulatory frameworks applicable to food and dietary supplements. Additionally, Wyden expressed his strong support for the FDA undertaking a process to make lawful a safe level for foods and dietary supplements containing hemp-derived CBD. "I fully embrace FDA's commitment to the promotion and protection of public health and understand that, with respect to hemp-derived CBD, the agency will be examining a number of health and safety considerations.

CBD Superbug?
CBD as a Superbug Antibiotic?

(WebMd) Cannabidiol, or CBD, already being researched and used for anxiety, insomnia, epilepsy and pain, may be the next superbug fighter for resistant infections, a new study suggests. The researchers tested CBD against a wide variety of bacteria, ''including bacteria that have become resistant to the most commonly used antibiotics," says Mark Blaskovich, PhD, senior research officer at the Centre for Superbug Solutions at the Institute for Molecular Bioscience at the University of Queensland in Australia. The development is important, as antibiotic resistance is reaching dangerously high levels, according to the World Health Organization. Blaskovich presented the research Sunday at the American Society for Microbiology annual meeting. "The first thing we looked at is CBD's ability to kill bacteria," he says. "In every case, CBD had a very similar potency to that of common antibiotics." The researchers tested the CBD against some strains of staphylococcus, which cause skin infections, and streptococcus, which cause strep throat. They compared how effective CBD was compared to common antibiotics, such as vancomycin and daptomycin. "We looked at how quickly the CBD killed the bacteria. It's quite fast, within 3 hours, which is pretty good. Vancomycin (Vancocin) kills over 6 to 8 hours." In another study, also presented at the meeting, the researchers tested topical CBD to treat a skin infection on mice. It cut the number of bacteria after 48 hours, Blaskovich says, although it did not clear the infection. That research is ongoing.

CBD Bellator
cbdMD Becomes the Official CBD Partner of Bellator MMA

(Yahoo! Finance) Bellator MMA has announced a multi-year, category exclusive partnership with cbdMD, Inc., a nationally recognized consumer cannabidiol (CBD) brand. Bellator MMA, a leading mixed martial arts organization featuring the best fighters in the world, is broadcast to nearly one billion people in over 160 countries. In the U.S., Bellator can be seen on Paramount Network and DAZN, the world's first truly dedicated LIVE sports streaming service. As part of the partnership – which began at Bellator 222 in New York City – cbdMD will receive a depth of integrated partnership assets, including category exclusive branding inside the Bellator cage, to promote cbdMD. "We're excited to have our company represented in the cage alongside some of the fiercest competitors on the planet" said Caryn Dunayer, President of cbdMD. "Our partnership with Bellator and Viacom/Paramount will facilitate a unique opportunity to educate athletes and fans about the many benefits of CBD. We believe we've started a lasting relationship that will help push both industries into the future." "I am pleased to welcome cbdMD to the Bellator family," said Bellator President Scott Coker. "As the sport of MMA continues to evolve, teaming up with innovative partners is equally important, and they are leading the way in a rapidly growing industry. I want to thank Hans Molenkamp, as well as the entire team at cbdMD for this great opportunity, and I look forward to their integration into the Bellator brand and introducing them to our passionate fans."

Cannabis Plant
Cnnabis Ingredient CBD Could One Day Become An Antibiotic

(Newsweek) s scientists work to stem the tide of antibiotic resistance, the authors of a study believe an ingredient in cannabis could one day form the basis of a new drug.Antibiotic, or antimicrobial, resistance is where bugs such as bacteria can survive drugs created to kill them, making infections difficult, or impossible, to treat. Scientists in Australia found cannabidiol—the non-psychoactive ingredient marijuana— killed all the strains of bacteria they tested in a lab, including some which are highly resistant to existing antibiotics. What's more, the bacteria did not become resistant to the drug after being exposed for 20 days: the period when bacteria can survive some currently used drugs. The team tested a group of bacteria called Gram-positive: staphylococcus aureus— which causes conditions including the hospital bug MRSA—and streptococcus pneumoniae—which lead to pneumonia—as well as E. faecalis, which can be life-threatening in those with weak immune systems. The researchers also used the substance in mice, and found in a preliminary study it was effective for treating a skin infection. Study leader Mark Blaskovich, senior research chemist at the Centre for Superbug Solutions, told Newsweek: "We still don't know how it works, and it may have a unique mechanism of action given it works against bacteria that have become resistant to other antibiotics, but we still don't know how."

CBD word collage
Is CBD Really the Marijuana Molecule That Cures All?

(Washington Post) Wonder drug or modern-day snake oil? Appearing in stores and online in the form of body lotions, capsules, tinctures, edible gummies and bottled water, CBD has exploded in popularity as a way to reap the supposed health benefits of marijuana without the high that comes with it. All this is in spite of the paucity of evidence of its merits so far. CBD has been touted as a potential treatment for any number of ailments, among them depression, insomnia, brain injury, opioid addiction, diabetes, arthritis, and graft versus host disease. Pre-clinical trials suggest CBD may have anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties, but there have been few human trials to substantiate the claims. Several clinical trials are in the works, including one testing its use to combat nausea during chemotherapy, and another on how it affects mood. For now, its only approved medical use in the U.S. is as a treatment of two rare forms of childhood epilepsy.Almost 7% of Americans polled in January by investment bank Cowen & Co. reported using CBD as a supplement. Big chains such as CVS, Walgreens and Kroger are now selling CBD lotions and other products. Cowen estimated that U.S. retail sales were as high as $2 billion in 2018, and analysts at Piper Jaffray & Co. estimated that the U.S. CBD market could be worth as much as $15 billion in five years. The research firm Brightfield Group estimated that CBD was a $318 million market in Europe in 2018.

Cannabis Plant
House passes amendment pushing FDA to regulate CBD

(Boston Globe) Marijuana Moment is a wire service assembled by Tom Angell, a marijuana legalization activist and journalist covering marijuana reform nationwide. The views expressed by Angell or Marijuana Moment are neither endorsed by the Globe nor do they reflect the Globe’s views on any subject area.Two drug policy amendments cleared the House of Representatives Thursday, building on reform victories in the chamber the day before. One measure addresses funding for the Drug Enforcement Administration and the other would direct the Food and Drug Administration to establish regulations for adding CBD to foods and dietary supplements. The first amendment, introduced by Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, would transfer $5 million from the DEA to an opioid treatment program. It passed without opposition on a voice vote and is now be attached to the House version of a large-scale spending bill, but it remains to be seen how the Senate will set funding levels for the agency in its own version of the funding legislation. “I offer this amendment because ending the war on drugs has to mean changing our priorities in order to keep all communities safe and healthy,” Ocasio-Cortez said. “The best way we do that is by offering people the help and support they need before arrest and criminalization should be considered in the first place.”

CBD: Coming to a Chevron, Shell, ARCO, BP, Sunoco, or 76 Station Near You

This U.S. multistate cannabis operator just landed a game-changing cannabidiol distribution deal. There's pretty much no hotter topic at the moment than legal marijuana. Even with cannabis stocks running into some hurdles in May, the industry has, as a whole, greatly outperformed the broader market in 2019 and has been running circles around every other industry since the beginning of 2016. The reason? Look no further than Wall Street's projections calling for a roughly fourfold to sixfold increase in global marijuana sales between 2018 and 2029 or 2030 (depending on the source and estimate). If these growth figures prove accurate, the legal weed industry could be capable of average annual growth in the double digits for well over a decade. But within the cannabis industry are a number of faster-growing niches. Perhaps no aspect of the cannabis movement is generating more buzz right now -- which is ironic, as you'll read in a moment -- than the rise of cannabidiol (CBD). According to aggressive estimates from the Brightfield Group, CBD sales in the U.S. are expected to surge from a mere $591 million in 2018 to as much as $22 billion by 2022. For you math-phobes out there, that's a 147% compound annual growth rate, and it blows the potential global growth rate for the weed industry as a whole out of the water.

CBD Oil for Depression

As stated in previous posts, CBD oil, hemp oil, CBD gummies, and other CBD products contain extracts from cannabis plants that can have long term health benefits for users. For those who suffer from depression or anxiety disorders, these products can help to regulate moods without unwanted side effects. But how does CBD Oil work for depression? Let’s take a look. In all of our brains, whether we use cannabis products or not, there is a system called the endocannabinoid system. This system is in close communication with other parts of your brain and plays a large role in regulating your mental health and other biological processes. When CBD’s are present in your bloodstream, they bind to neurological receptors in your very own endocannabinoid system and prevent the spread of biochemicals linked to depression. CBD works to neutralize some of the chemicals in your brain that, when unbalanced, affect the functions of your hippocampus.

Paul Pierce is launching his own CBD line called ‘The Truth’

( The former Celtics star says he wants to give fellow athletes a product they can trust amid all the "noise." Despite the persisting questions around CBD products, Paul Pierce is convinced about their potential benefits. Short for cannabidiol, CBD is a non-psychoactive and increasingly popular cannabis plant extract that can be used to treat ailments from mental stress to muscle pain, according to its proponents. Pierce is one of them. And now he’s putting his name (and nickname) behind it. The retired Celtics star and ESPN basketball analyst is launching his own line of hemp-derived CBD targeted toward fellow athletes called The Truth CBD Remedies, according to a press release Tuesday. In addition to the vape pen business he co-founded last fall, the new cartridge line was created to offer fellow athletes a product they can “fully trust,” according to Pierce, who is named as the CEO of the CBD company. Pierce says vaping CBD helped him manage crippling depression, post-traumatic stress, and anxiety resulting from a life-threatening nightclub stabbing in 2000.

5 reasons why CBD may not be effective
CBD Not Working for You? Here Are 5 Possible Reasons Why

(Health Line) Before you breakup with CBD, consider these reasons I tried CBD, but it didn’t do anything for me. Why isn’t CBD working for me? Is all this CBD hype just a scam? Sound familiar? If you’ve tried CBD products without any results, you’re not the only one — but that doesn’t mean the whole industry is a scam. You may have heard some folks with chronic conditions raving about good results — and that’s because for them, it’s one of the only few options that works. That said, there are also some legitimate reasons why CBD might not be working for you.So before you give up on it and tell your CBD-obsessed friends that they’re full of it, check to see if any of the following reasons apply to you. 1. Your CBD product isn’t from a reputable source 2. You need to build it up in your system 3. You need to give it more time 4. You need a different delivery system 5. It just might not be for you

What Is Full-Spectrum CBD?

( Full-spectrum CBD takes a team approach to tackling various physical and emotional health issues. Does it work? A significant reason for the CBD industry growth is the widespread use of full-spectrum CBD. What is Full-Spectrum CBD? Full-spectrum CBD oils are the most common form of cannabis use for medical purposes. By definition, full-spectrum CBD is derived from cannabis plants that include THC, the hallucinogenic element in marijuana plants. Unlike CBD isolate products, CBD full spectrum is made up of hundreds of cannabinoids embedded in the cannabis plant. When bundled together (a scenario known as the "entourage effect"), CBD advocates say that full spectrum can create a powerful CBD treatment that surpasses so-called CBD isolate products, which work individually to treat various medical issues. Those elements include healing properties like protein, fiber, fatty acids, and rich essential vitamins.

Kroger Is The Latest Big Retailer To Head Into CBD Business

(Forbes) Add Kroger to the growing list of big national chains that are selling products containing CBD, the hemp plant derivative. The huge supermarket retailer just announced that it will begin selling personal care products, largely lotions and potions, containing cannabinoid. While no legal claims can be made about its uses and effectiveness, advocates say it can help to relieve stress, induce sleep and generally chill you out (without the mind-altering properties of marijuana). Kroger will start selling the products in 945 of its more than 2,700 stores, which operate under a variety of nameplates that include Ralph’s, Fred Meyer, Smith’s and Harris Teeter, besides its namesake brand. The program will be introduced into stores in 17 states by the end of June, the company said. Kroger is only the latest big national retailer to begin selling CBD products, following drug chains like CVS, Walgreen and Rite Aid; specialty stores like Barney’s, Vitamin Shoppe and GNC; and even general merchandise stores like Bed Bath & Beyond and Macy’s.

As U.S. Open Stress Builds, Golfers Turn to CBD to Remain Healthy and Calm

(GolfDigest) When the first U.S. Open was played in 1895 at Rhode Island’s Newport Country Club, some spectators and competitors, perhaps even winner Horace Rawlins, had at one time likely worn clothes made of hemp fibers. In the 1800s, hemp, made from stalks of the Cannabis plant, was commonly used to make a variety of products, including clothing, rope, and paper. In 2019, Cannabis is making a return to the U.S. Open golf course in Pebble Beach, California. This time, in the form of Cannabidiol, or CBD. Several PGA Tour players, including 2009 U.S. Open winner Lucas Glover, use and endorse CBD products, which are said to help with a variety of ailments, as well as alleviating anxiety, sleeplessness, and aiding with post-workout recovery. CBD is a non-psychoactive extract from the Cannabis plant. It’s one of several compounds in the plant and contains no THC, the intoxicating property of Cannabis that produces a “high” when ingested.

CBD Provider NuLeaf Naturals Appears before FDA in Support of Industry Regulation and Standards

(Yahoo! Finance) On May 31, NuLeaf Naturals representative Crystal Guess was one of 140 individuals to testify in a groundbreaking public meeting called by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). In light of the 2018 Farm Bill, which federally legalized the hemp crop and its derivatives, the FDA held an open forum in an effort to gain more information about the safety, efficacy, and research surrounding cannabidiol (CBD). In the interest of public safety, the FDA intends to create industry standards around the manufacturing, packaging, dosing, and marketing of products containing CBD, and as a leading manufacturer of CBD products, NuLeaf Naturals fully supports these efforts.

Growth Curve
Report: American CBD sales to reach $7B by 2023 as investments surge

The passage of the U.S. Farm Bill flung open the door for institutional investors to pump millions of dollars into hemp and CBD companies, and financial firms are walking in, according to a new report from MJBizDaily Investor Intelligence. Hemp firms raised more than $230 million in the first five months of the year, according to data included in Investment Opportunity Assessment: U.S. Hemp. Meanwhile, the national market for hemp-derived CBD alone may to balloon to as much as $7 billion by 2023, according to Hemp Industry Daily market projections. Other products – and markets for those products – are still in development, meaning additional opportunities may emerge as the industry matures.

CBD oil skin care just hit the shelves at Sephora-here is what a dermatologist thinks of the ingredient

(Yahoo! Finance) If you've been thinking about taking your skincare routine to new heights with cannabidiol, aka, CBD oil, Sephora has you covered. The beauty retailer now has a small section of creams and oils that boast the non-psychoactive ingredient derived from the cannabis plant as its star player. But does the buzzy ingredient really have skincare benefits? Board-certified dermatologist Rachel Nazarian, of the Schweiger Dermatology Group in New York City, explains that while there isn't an overwhelming amount of research on CBD oil, it can be an effective ingredient for specific skin types. "There is consumer demand for more natural products these days, which I think is fueling this trend," she tells Yahoo Lifestyle. "I've actually used CBD oil for things like wound healing, burns, and itching — and that's where the science does back it." Nazarian says there is evidence that suggests CBD oil can be beneficial for those with acne or hyperpigmentation and scarring attributed to breakouts. "Given the fact that CBD is anti-inflammatory and acne is an inflammatory condition for many people, along with the fact that it down regulates the production of oil, I actually think somebody that suffers from acne would benefit from CBD oil," she says, adding that it can help heal up those post-breakout dark spots, too.

St. Louis grocery chain Dierbergs adds CBD products

Dierbergs Markets, one of St. Louis' largest privately held companies, has added products containing CBD, at all 25 of its grocery stores. CBD is a legal, non-intoxicating extract from cannabis, which includes hemp and marijuana. The grocer said in a release Monday that the CBD products it carries are "hemp-derived." CBD products have become increasingly popular as a non-prescription substitute for pain pills, and to treat conditions such as sleeplessness, anxiety and epilepsy. "While scientific research on its medicinal qualities is still in its infancy, there is mounting consumer interest in CBD as an alternative care option," Dierbergs officials said Monday in a release. “Customers were asking for CBD Oil,” Ron Edelen, Dierbergs' nonfoods category manager, said in a statement. “The interest was significant enough that we felt it was time to bring the product in. Now we hear from customers who appreciate its availability in our stores.” Dierbergs began a rollout of the CBD products this spring. The CBD products include sprays, drops, capsules and softgels.Dierbergs' shelves also offer hemp-derived CBD oil in balms, creams and other health-and-beauty aids, the grocer said.

cocktails with CBD
CBD cocktails add another layer to bar beverages

One beverage director recommends a dosage of around 10 milligrams in cocktails to bring out a muted and subtle chlorophyll-like aroma to the nose. CBD is currently not regulated by the FDA, so it’s important to remember that quality and standard practices in production can vary. With that said, it’s widely believed to have health benefits including relaxation, without addictive side effects. So does it work in a cocktail? “Yes it’s possible,” said Sarah Traynor, the beverage director at the Brass Heart restaurant in Uptown. “Relaxation benefits, pain relief benefits — kind of the idea that a spirit might help your muscles relax. And [now] we’re adding a touch of something else that can help as well.” Traynor utilizes CBD in a couple of her cocktails. Acknowledging there are unknowns in the world of CBD, she’s a fan of the oil’s use in mixology. “The CBD flavor profile is very spirits-friendly. It really is,” she said. “It pulls off the grassy tones that are in an Agricole rum. It can bring out some of the natural, earthy tones that you might find in tequila. It’s a fun flavor profile to lightly use to season spirits.”

First CBD And PTSD Study Reveals Promising Potential For More Research

A promising preliminary study of CBD and PTSD suggests more research could be very fruitful. Scott Shannon, MD, working with CV Sciences, recently conducted the first study determining whether CBD is a beneficial treatment medicine for post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Since becoming popular, many CBD consumers now claim it’s one of the best all-natural supplements for mental illness. Yet, without proper research and regulation, medical professionals are hesitant to recommend it to patients. Furthermore, since current medical knowledge of CBD and PTSD is limited, it’s difficult to consult a doctor about using this medicine. Due to this, Shannon’s research is vital to the industry. Not only does it provide the public with credible insight into CBD’s effects, but it brings us one step closer to widespread acceptance of the benefits of CBD. “These are promising results and an indication that CBD would be beneficial to people with PTSD. However, to confirm it, you’d want to run a larger, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial.” — Dr. Duffy MacKay, CV Sciences

Ben & Jerry's wants to make CBD-infused ice cream

(USA Today) Ben & Jerry's says it "can't wait" to create CBD-infused ice cream, once it's legal. On Thursday, the Vermont-based frozen dessert firm said on its website that it's "committed to bringing CBD-infused ice cream to your freezer as soon as it’s legalized at the federal level.” CBD, a non-intoxicating form of cannabis that may have some health benefits, has been added to teas, gummies and beauty products in recent months. However, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) prohibits adding CBD to food and beverages. The health agency has a public hearing planned for Friday, where it will address the legalization of CBD-infused edibles, which Ben & Jerry's publicly advocates. “You probably already know that we’re fans of all things groovy,” the company said in a press release announcing its plans to create the CBD-infused ice cream. “So it’s no surprise that we can’t wait to get into the latest food trend: cannabidiol, or CBD.” The dessert giant is encouraging its consumers to file a comment to the FDA expressing their views on CBD by July 2 as the agency weighs the future of the naturally occurring compound.

Why pro athletes are flocking to CBD, from Lamar Odom to Bubba Watson

(Yahoo! Finance) Suddenly, the pro sports world is gaga over CBD products. As the marijuana legal landscape in America has rapidly changed on a state-by-state basis, companies big and small are in a frenzy to launch products with cannabidiol (a cannabis extract that does not contain THC), from supplements to pain relief rubs to gummy bears to dog treats to bath oils.Those companies are eager to make sponsorship deals, and they’re finding those opportunities in the sports world. Aurora Cannabis signed a multi-year, multi-million dollar partnership with the UFC. Canopy Growth teamed up with the NHL Alumni Association for a cannabis research trial. North Carolina holding company Level Brands acquired CBD brand CBDMD last year, then in May changed its company name to CBDMD and its stock ticker to YCBD, and has since signed endorsement deals with pro golfer Bubba Watson, Bellator fighter Rampage Jackson, and Ice Cube’s Big3 basketball league. Boxing legend Mike Tyson launched a cannabis line. NFL alum Ricky Williams launched a CBD product line.

As CBD Oils Become More Popular, The FDA Considers Whether To Set New Rules

(NPR) The Food and Drug Administration is holding its first public hearing on CBD, the cannabis extract that has quickly grown into a billion-dollar industry. Today's hearing will help officials determine how to regulate CBD products.The compound can be extracted from marijuana or from hemp. It's promoted as a way to ease anxiety and inflammation – and it doesn't get people high because it doesn't contain THC, the psychoactive component of the cannabis plant. People are using oils with cannabidiol, or CBD, to help with everything from menstrual cramps to insomnia. While the hype around CBD has gotten ahead of the science, there are a growing number of small studies that do point to some health benefits. But the FDA has concerns over how these products are marketed, and is seeking more data about their safety. "Questions remain regarding the safety considerations raised by the widespread use of these products," FDA officials wrote in a Federal Register notice about today's hearing. "These questions could impact the approaches we consider taking in regulating the development and marketing of products."

Cannabis Companies Push F.D.A. to Ease Rules on CBD Products

(NY Times) It was Hempy Pet CBD Soft Chews, Mile High Labs and Women Grow, among countless others, squaring off against the likes of the Marijuana Victims Alliance, concerned primary care doctors and a lawyer who admitted he couldn’t wait to sue — all jammed into an overflowing auditorium for hours Friday on the Food and Drug Administration campus. F.D.A. hearings are usually tedious affairs. But this one — called to begin the process of figuring out which products in the burgeoning cannabis industry can be legally sold in the United States — was the hottest ticket in the capital. More than 400 applicants, from the U.S. Hemp Roundtable to blue chip law firms, had petitioned the agency for a chance to testify. It had to create a complex lottery system to whittle down the list to a lucky 120. Each was given either two or five minutes to make a case to the presiding panel of top F.D.A. officials, amounting to an all-day volley of claims and counterclaims over matters of safety, efficacy and good vibes.

sagely naturals
Meet Sagely Naturals, the Largest Female Founded CBD Company on the Market

(Forbes) As CBD-infused products continue to grow in popularity, Sagely Naturals has established itself everywhere from CVS to Neiman Marcus to Los Angeles’ natural food Mecca Erewhon. The company was founded in 2015 by Kerrigan Behrens and Kaley Nichol, who wanted to create approachable products for consumers utilizing the therapeutic benefits of CBD, without the psychoactive effects of THC. Sagely Naturals employs PhD chemists to create their proprietary medicinal products, like their best selling Relief and Recovery Cream or their Tranquility Roll-On. Buoyed by their own positive experiences with CBD, the founders hope their products make their way into the medicine cabinets of even the most unlikely CBD consumers.

The Vitamin Shoppe Expands CBD Hemp Extract Offerings to 390 Stores, 31 States

(Yahoo! Finance) The Vitamin Shoppe (VSI), an omni-channel specialty retailer of nutritional products, is continuing to expand its CBD hemp extract offerings to meet consumer demand and serve as a trusted retailer of quality health and wellness supplements. The Company is now a one-stop destination for CBD hemp extract, with 390 stores in 31 states offering a variety of product forms, including soft gels, aromatherapy oils, liquid drops for humans and dogs, and a forthcoming rollout of CBD natural beauty products. Sharon Leite, Chief Executive Officer of The Vitamin Shoppe said, "The customer relationship is the cornerstone of The Vitamin Shoppe's reinvention, and our customers have told us loud and clear they want CBD in an assortment of forms.

Five Post-Workout CBD Products For Increased Muscle Recovery

(Forbes) The popularity of CBD as a muscle recovery supplement has grown so ubiquitous that national gyms including 24 Hour Fitness now sell varieties of the cannabinoid at the front desk. It's easy to see why, with the passing of the 2018 Farm Bill and the increasing number of clinical trials showing the efficacy of CBD as an anti-inflammatory and potential for decreasing sleeplessness, both key for adequate muscle repair. As the data continues to show promise of CBD’s potential for boosting recovery in-between workouts, boutique CBD brands are offering a number of new products for the fitness set. From flower that looks just like THC to bath bombs dosed with essential oils, fans of anti-inflammatory CBD have a number of options to choose from. Here are five soothing ways to try CBD after your next workout.

Square Invites CBD Businesses to Test Credit Card Transaction Software

Companies that sell cannabis products — even those consisting of cannabidiol (CBD) derived from hemp, which was legalized in the U.S. through the Farm Bill in late 2018 — are continuing to have trouble accessing basic financial services that are available to businesses in other sectors. That includes being able to maintain bank accounts and process their customers' credit cards. The latter problem could be solved under a new pilot program that has quietly been launched by the payment processing service Square. “Square is currently conducting an invite-only beta for some CBD products,” a spokesperson for the company said in an email. When asked about the reasons for launching the new program, which comes after years of refusing to work with CBD companies, the spokesperson said that the company closely watches evolving public policies and strives to create new opportunities for clients.

TSA moves to allow hemp-derived CBD on flights

(The Boston Globe) The Transportation Security Administration updated its policy on cannabis over the Memorial Day weekend, making changes to the medical marijuana section of its “What Can I Bring?” webpage from reading “no” to “yes” (with “special instructions”). Specifically, the agency is clarifying that hemp-derived CBD products may now be carried on planes under certain circumstances. Previously, the TSA made no distinction between marijuana and hemp-derived preparations and warned on its website that cannabis products cannot be taken as carry-on items or in checked bags. But since the 2018 Farm Bill federally legalized hemp and its derivatives, that’s no longer the case.

U.S. Reviews CBD Amid Pressure to Act Quickly

(Bloomberg) The U.S. Food and Drug Administration will hold its first public hearing Friday into how it should regulate CBD products, and it may end up limiting how much of the cannabis compound can be included in food and drinks.Cannabidiol, the formal name for CBD, is rapidly becoming a hot wellness trend following the legalization of hemp in the U.S. in December. Mainstream retailers like CVS Health Corp. already sell CBD creams, sprays and lotions but the substance hasn’t yet been approved for use in food and drinks by the FDA. Unlike its cousin THC, CBD doesn’t give users a high. Instead, it’s pitched as a natural way to fight ailments like insomnia, inflammation and anxiety.

Ozzy Osbourne Recovering From Injuries With CBD Oil

After years of addiction and abuse, there's a lot on the line for Ozzy Osbourne.The singer has suffered multiple injuries and sicknesses over the past year, from the flu to pneumonia to a terrible fall at home that dislodged several metal rods within his body. Now as Ozzy works to recover, some have expressed worry about the possibility of a pain killer addiction as he tries to overcome his injuries. According to Sharon Osbourne, The Prince Of Darkness has managed to side-step that by introducing CBD Oil into his life. During an interview with Loose Women, Sharon says that Ozzy is in terrible pain but he has found the cannabis extract to be helping him through it. “He’s off all of that. He had to have it after he was operated on the last time. But now for pain, he has that CBD, whatever that stuff is" she says of Ozzy's new treatment. "He's dealing with it that way."

Colorodo State University study finds CBD beneficial for epileptic dogs

A pilot study at Colorado State University shows CBD products are beneficial to dogs that suffer seizures. The study comes as the hemp industry expands in Colorado. “There was a significant reduction in seizure activity,” said CSU researcher Dr. Stephanie McGrath. McGrath just finished the small study. Nine epileptic dogs were given CBD and seven were given placebos. “The higher the CBD in the dog’s bloodstream, the greater seizure reduction we achieved,” McGrath said. About 90 percent of the dogs receiving CBD had a reduction in seizure activity, according to McGrath. That reduction, however, didn’t meet a 50-percent effectiveness level, meaning more research is needed. McGrath says, overall, results show CBD is beneficial. Denver-area vets agree. “I give it to my dog twice a day, every day, for arthritis,” said Dr. Allison Jenkins of Highlands Animal Clinic. “[For] some of my anxiety and seizure patients … it makes a huge difference.”

7 New Updates in Neurology: Autism, MS, CBD, and More

(Neurology Times) Autism diagnostic stability starts early, much MS misdiagnosis and unnecessary medications, CBD reduces seizures in children—these are some of the latest research findings in neurology, many reported at the American Academy of Neurology’s 71st Annual Meeting in Philadelphia earlier this month. Taking a liquid form of cannabidiol (CBD) cut seizures almost in half for children with Dravet syndrome in a recent study. After 14 weeks, seizures with convulsions had decreased for those taking high and lower doses of CBD by 46% and 49%, respectively, compared with 27% for placebo. Total seizures were reduced by 47% and 56% for the high and lower dose groups, compared with 30% for placebo. In the high dose group, 49% seizures were cut in half or more vs 44% and 26% in the low dose and placebo groups.

diamond cbd
Diamond CBD Targets $20 Billion CBD Industry at Trade Show in Atlantic City

(Yahoo! Finance) Diamond CBD, Inc. continued to target what experts now predict to be a $20 billion CBD industry at the CHAMPS Trade Show in Atlantic City from May 21 through May 23, displaying some of their latest offerings in the CBD edibles, oils, and creams categories. The Company took advantage of an industry that is on the rise, making deals with retailers from across the country to place their products in the hands of consumers that are clamoring for more natural and organic products that meet their everyday needs. At this year’s show, Diamond CBD exhibited several new products to complement their popular line of CBD tinctures and gummies, including their selection of CBD Dried Fruits, CBD-infused edibles such as apples, raisins, and bananas that make a perfect on-the-go snack. The Company’s line of CBD-infused chocolate snacks, was another show-stealer as well. Shaped like whole flower, these delicious chocolate treats come in four delicious flavors that make CBD fun to eat.

Utah CBD
Utah poised to become industry leader in CBD and hemp production

Critical research at Utah State University could yield best hemp plant. Right now, Utah is on the fast track in finding the best hemp plant in the nation and poised to become the industry leader in hemp production. Researchers at Utah State University in Logan received the green light to study the hemp plant to bring the highest concentration of CBD oil with the lowest THC level, the compound that makes you high. Utah State University is the only school in the state certified to research hemp and it's largely because of Dr. Brian Bugbee, the nation's leading plant physiologist. The incredible knowledge they're gleaning is being used right now for growers to hopefully help patients and rejuvenate farms. Ground zero in hemp research in the beehive state and perhaps the country: Utah State University. Dr. Bruce Bugbee is a scientist in charge. "We are the agriculture university in Utah and the only one," said Dr. Bugbee.

CBD cream helps cancer patients heal burns

Some people have attempted to relieve pain associated with cancer treatment and other conditions using lotions and creams containing CBD oil. When Karen Sheady began medical treatment for breast cancer in 2013, she endured painful burns and blistering from radiation therapy, a treatment that uses high-powered beams of energy to kill cancerous cells. Now the Missoula, Mont., resident has developed a product to help other patients counter the pain and blistered skin from radiation. Lost Remedy’s Burn Formula is one of a dozen cannabidiol (CBD)-based products that Sheady manufactures and sells. She uses organically grown “carrier oils and therapeutic grade essential oils in combination with organic and lab-tested CBD oil from hemp” to create lotions and balms. Sheady launched Lost Remedy in 2016 with the Burn Formula and soon developed other CBD-based products, including Joint and Muscle Relief, Arthritis Salve, First Aid Balm and Skin Replenishing Lotion.

Bulgaria Flag
This EU Country Has Become The First To Allow Free Sale Of CBD

(Forbes) Bulgaria has issued its first authorization for a company to sell hemp-derived cannabidiol, or CBD, products freely, in open markets. According to official documents procured exclusively, Bulgaria’s Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Forestry, and the Bulgarian Food Safety Agency, have issued a Free Certificate of Sale for a series of products containing CBD. The products, produced by Kannaway, a subsidiary of publicly traded cannabis company Medical Marijuana Inc. (OTC: MJNA), are now certified to “comply fully with relevant requirements of the Law on Foodstuffs of Republic of Bulgaria and of Regulation (EC) No 852/2004 of European Parliament and the Council on the hygiene of foodstuffs.”

Sheetz launches CBD products in stores across PA

You’ll now be able to buy cannabidiol, or CBD, products at Sheetz, the company says. Sheetz officials announced Thursday the launch of CBD products at 140 store locations across the state. “We are excited to be the first convenience store to offer a broad selection of premium CBD products at this magnitude,” said Ryan Sheetz, assistant vice president of brand at Sheetz. “This is the next evolution for Sheetz in ensuring we are meeting the needs of our customers, giving them what they want, when they want it, 24/7/365.” Company officials say the stores will offer isolate and full-spectrum products, including topical rubs and patches, tinctures, vape pens, oral pouches, capsules, pet products and more.

A massive CBD emporium just opened in NYC–and it may be the future of wellness

Standard Dose’s 3-story, 2,400-square-foot store welcomes customers to unwind, relax, and recharge.Online CBD retailer Standard Dose has opened a one-of-kind self-care hub in the heart of New York City. The three-story cannabis compound doubles as a wellness center designed to offer the super-stressed a time-out. Its 2,400-square-foot space boasts a multi-brand selection of ingestible and topical CBD products to aid in everything from sleep and pain to mood and skin. A group gathering room hosts meditation classes alongside a bar that serves CBD-infused Japanese tea. A private treatment spa offers facials, massages, or private tea ritual ceremonies. Then there’s the chic rooftop where yoga classes take place in the morning, followed by partnership events and educational programming in the evening. “The retail experience is a full, holistic approach to wellness,” says founder Anthony Saniger. “It’s a sanctuary where you can reset.”

CBD makeup: Benefits and safety factors: A dermatologist weighs in on the new products

CBD, a cannabis-derived oil seems to be in almost everything these days: shampoo, oils, now even makeup.People loyal to the product say it can heal ailments and reduce anxiety, but just how safe are the beauty products that are popping up? The ingredient this article is focusing on is CBD, and does not contain THC which is found in marijuana and gives a high. Since CBD has become legal in many states, it's taking off in products faster than researchers can say who should use it. Dr. Sherry Ingraham, a dermatologist, said she anticipates this will benefit some people with skin problems like acne. "What's really exciting is this new advent of CBD and skin products. We know CBD can be anti-inflammatory. The downside is we don't have a lot of data yet so we're really embarking on a new area of CBD containing products and as time goes on we're going to have more information,” Ingraham said.

CBD bottle
Buyer Beware: Not All CBD Is Created Equal

(Forbes) When I tried CBD for the first time in late 2017, it almost felt as if I was breaking the law. The hemp-based tinctures I was given were clearly home-grown, probably filled in a commune by someone named Morning Star, smelling of patchouli. (Denver in the 90s was that place.) But the effect it had on me was life-changing. Morning Star turned out to be my hero. Today, the rest of the world has caught up, and CBD is the most promising product in health and athletics. The business has evolved into a multi-billion-dollar free-for-all, attracting major players alongside flagrant charlatans, which means that not all CBD is created equal. The first thing to look out for is disclosure on the COA, or Certificate of Analysis. The COA tells you the quality of the CBD source, listing key information such as potency, microbial analysis, solvents, and any testing done for heavy metals and pesticides. All reputable CBD companies use and publish COAs to verify the quality of their product. The COA will show what chemicals/compounds may be found in the hemp used, giving you an idea of its health.

Leading Cannabis Brand Launches First-Ever Dissolvable, CBD-Infused Drink Tablets

DENVER , May 22, 2019 /CNW/ - Today, Dixie Brands, one of the cannabis industry's leading consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies, unveils a new product from its wholly owned subsidiary, Aceso™ Hemp. A growing line of indication-specific, hemp-derived supplements that promote optimal health, Aceso is proud to introduce Fizz Tabs, the first-ever line of dissolvable hemp-infused tablets to enter the cannabidiol (CBD) category. The line expansion creates an on-the-go option for consumers and promotes a powerful addition to wellness regimens. An evolution of Aceso's popular indication specific formulas, Calm, Soothe and Wellness, Fizz Tabs dissolve quickly in a glass of water, adding effervescence and flavor, and can be taken on an as needed basis with the benefits lasting for 4-6 hours. Designed in compact form for easy accessibility and convenience, the tablets are available in multiple flavors that each feature 10 mg of broad spectrum hemp per serving. The Fizz Tab line features Calm, Sooth & Wellness Fizz Tabs.

CBD Might Help You Cut Back On Drinking Alcohol And Reduce Its Damaging Effects, Study Says

CBD, the widely available cannabinoid touted for various health benefits, may have the potential to help people with serious alcohol issues, according to a new review of current scientific evidence. Not only does cannabidiol appear to “facilitate drinking reduction,” the paper’s authors write, but research also shows the compound “may provide idiosyncratic protection to the liver and brain, which could reduce the development and impact of alcohol-related liver disease and alcohol-related brain injury.” The review, which is awaiting publication in the journal Frontiers in Pharmacology, offers a comprehensive look at how promising the data is so far regarding the effectiveness of CBD on alcohol use disorders (AUD). The authors, however, also call for human clinical trials, of which none have been published to date, to “pave the way for testing new harm reduction approaches in AUD.”

Square Quietly Launches Program For CBD Cannabis Company Credit Card Processing

(Forbes) Companies that sell cannabis products—even those consisting of CBD derived from hemp, which was legalized in the U.S. through the Farm Bill late last year, are continuing to have trouble accessing basic financial services that are available to businesses in other sectors. That includes being able to maintain bank accounts and process their customers' credit cards. The latter problem could be solved under a new pilot program that has quietly been launched by the payment processing service Square. “Square is currently conducting an invite-only beta for some CBD products,” a spokesperson for the company said in an email. When asked about the reasons for the launching the new program, which comes after years of refusing to work with CBD companies, the spokesperson said that the company closely watches evolving public policies and strives to create new opportunities for clients.

Study finds CBD effective in treating heroin addiction

(CNN) Cannabidiol, the non-psychoactive ingredient in hemp and marijuana, could treat opioid addiction, a new study says. Given to patients with heroin addiction, cannabidiol, also known as CBD, reduced their cravings for the illicit drug as well as their levels of anxiety.The available medications for opioid addiction, such as buprenorphine and methadone, act in a similar way, curbing cravings. Because methadone and buprenorphine are still opioids, who can prescribe and how much can be prescribed are highly regulated. Yasmin Hurd, the lead researcher on the study and director of the Addiction Institute of Mount Sinai, said "It's not addictive. No one is diverting it. It doesn't get you high, but it can reduce craving and anxiety," she said. Ultimately, "this can really help save lives."

CBD Pic Industry Growth
CBD Market Could Reach $20 Billion By 2024, Says New Study

(Forbes) Affecting industries as diverse as cosmetics, food and beverage and pharmaceuticals, the exploding CBD (cannabidiol) market has generated considerable headlines, providing fodder to umpteenth analysis and forecasts. The latest one, by leading cannabis researchers BDS Analytics and Arcview Market Research, projects that the collective market for CBD sales in the U.S. will surpass $20 billion by 2024. Interestingly, this figure is a slight increase from than the recent forecast made by New York-based investment bank Cowen & Co, which estimated that the market could pull in $15 billion by 2025.The new forecast takes into account products sold through licensed dispensaries, pharmaceuticals and in general market retail, which includes cafes, smoke shops, grocery stores and pharmacies. However, BDS Analytics predicts that the majority of CBD product sales will soon occur in general retail stores instead of cannabis dispensaries.

Experts prove CBD products don't affect drug test results

Cannabidiol oil is becoming very popular around the world and some have raised concern on whether it's hindering people from passing drug tests. THC is the compound in marijuana that gets people high. Cannabidiol oil (CBD) is another product that can come from hemp or marijuana. Many states have laws for CBD and THC levels in products. The allowed level for CBD in Alabama is 3% which experts say is not enough to cause someone to fail a drug test.Professionals we spoke to at Health Link Drug Testing in Dothan say people have come in and out and so far they haven't seen anyone fail a test because of CBD.

Cannabis firm Caliva buys Zola to accelerate CBD beverage rollout

California-based cannabis company Caliva has acquired beverage brand Zola as it looks to expand into the cannabis- and hemp-based drinks category. Caliva, which has more than 500 dispensaries in California, said the deal positions it to capitalise on a nationwide rollout of infused beverages. The firm is exploring entering the infused beverage market in several categories, including sparkling water, functional shots, functional powders, teas, cold brew coffee and sports drinks. Zola’s portfolio of plant-based beverages is currently available in more than 7,000 retail locations across the US. Caliva drew attention to the brand’s “strong, established distribution channel”.

cbd on shelf
Major U.S. retailers have high hopes for CBD sales in oils, creams and gummies

The market for gummy bears, creams, oils and drinks made with cannabis has exploded since December, when the 2018 Farm Bill freed hemp-based products from regulation as controlled substances. Most sales are coming from mom-and-pop operations and small investor-backed chains, but a growing number of major retailers are creating shelf space, including Walgreens, CVS and the nutrition store GNC. The Ulta beauty chain sells creams and cosmetic products, and Chuck & Don’s has sold some CBD pet treats and oils. For now, Walmart is selling creams and oils only on, but the company reportedly is planning to bring products into stores, according to the New York Post.

NFL Hall of Famer Terrell Davis Is Behind Defy, a CBD-Infused Sports Drink

Defy, a sports drink new to the market this year, helped retired running back Terrell Davis sprint, lift, and generally train harder than he has in years. Davis hadn’t been able to exercise properly since injuries ended his Hall of Fame NFL career back in 2002. Now he’s in the best shape since his playing days, and he fully credits that to the benefits of CBD. “When I started taking CBD, I noticed, slowly, things were starting to happen to my body. My energy level was up, my joints weren’t aching as bad. So I got convinced, I really did. There was no question the CBD worked. And that started the path of me thinking hey, for a 46-year-old former player, if this helps me then we need to be at the forefront of making sure this is a product that is available to former athletes and all people who want to feel great.

cbd and sex
CBD Resulted in More Satisfying, Less Painful Sex, Survey Finds

CBD intertwines with sex in ultramodern ways. A growing roster of cannabis-based health companies, such as Foria, Quim, 1906 New Highs, and Privy Peach, have taken cannabidiol (CBD) and its laundry list of versatile uses into the bedroom.A recent study by CBD and hemp resources website Remedy Review explores CBD's Effects on Sex. Surveying 5,398 Americans, researchers focused in on 502 (9.3%) who said they took CBD for sex with their current or previous partner.

woman in swimsuit at beach
3 Ways CBD Can Help You Get Into Swimsuit Shape

Memorial Day is just a week away, and that means swimsuit season is quickly approaching! Summer brings a lot of joys like beach and pool days, bbqs outside, and swim lessons for your kids. But if you are hoping to drop a few pounds or tone up before you have to show up in your swimsuit over the next few months, you might be wondering how your CBD use is going to factor in. Can CBD help you lose weight and get the bathing suit body you desire? Here’s everything you need to know.

amy schumer baby
CBD Is “the Only Thing” That Helped Amy Schumer's Pregnancy Nausea

Amy Schumer just gave birth to her first child — a baby boy named Gene. But throughout her pregnancy, she was open about the extreme challenges she experienced with a condition called hyperemesis, a complication marked by severe nausea and vomiting. Fortunately, it went away as soon as she delivered — but Schumer opened up about the one thing that helped her cope as she was suffering with the condition: CBD.

Martha Stewart and Canopy Growth Are Collaborating on CBD Products for Pets

It's the highest concentration of CBD in the skin care market to date.CBD has been hyped as a cure-all for sleep, anxiety and pain — but it’s also making a mark on the beauty world. Now more than ever, mainstream beauty brands are looking to incorporate cannabis into their collections and are being welcomed at U.S. retailers like Urban Outfitters. Even Sephora sells a bunch of cannabis-infused beauty products, now including the most-concentrated CBD product to hit its shelves: Saint Jane serum

CBDfx, innovators in the CBD space, launched a new CBD face serum

Today, LA-based CBD industry leaders CBDfx proudly unveiled Rejuvediol, their latest product innovation. This luxurious phytonutrient rich CBD oil face serum is formulated to help diminish signs of aging, regenerate skin cells and promotes healthy, glowing skin. Rejuvediol™ contains 22 carefully curated oils, extracts, and botanicals. Inspired by plants, earth and sea, Rejuvediol™ is beauty dedicated to nature and simplicity.

sephora store
Sephora Just Added Its Highest-Concentrated CBD Product To Store Shelves

It's the highest concentration of CBD in the skin care market to date.CBD has been hyped as a cure-all for sleep, anxiety and pain — but it’s also making a mark on the beauty world. Now more than ever, mainstream beauty brands are looking to incorporate cannabis into their collections and are being welcomed at U.S. retailers like Urban Outfitters. Even Sephora sells a bunch of cannabis-infused beauty products, now including the most-concentrated CBD product to hit its shelves: Saint Jane serum

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Leading CBD Brand, PureKana, Launches New "Infused Beverage Enhancer"

PureKana, one of the U.S.'s leading CBD oil manufacturers, has just launched a line of new "Infused Beverage Enhancers" that are sure to be one of the first of its kind in terms of legal cannabidiol drink options. Already available in the updated PureKana online store, the products are labeled as "CBD Beverage Enhancers" and come in three different options (Energy, Sleep, and Immunity) for a range of uses.

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From Bug Sprays to Bath Bombs, Here Are Some of the Highest-End Products on the Market

In most cases, you’re better off finding more effective, tested product in a dispensary. It was only a matter of time before the buzz around CBD reached outlandish proportio; with prices to match. To be fair, high-quality CBD carefully processed from responsibly cultivated, CBD-rich cannabis plants can be worth every penny. That's the stuff that brings about those miraculous medical anecdotes you keep reading out.

Texas Law chamber
Bill to legalize hemp, CBD products in Texas passes final hurdle

State lawmakers have approved a bill to legalize industrial hemp production and clear up confusion about what CBD products can be sold in Texas. The Senate on Wednesday voted unanimously in favor of House Bill 1325. CBD products would be legal if the bill becomes law, as long as they are derived from hemp and contain low levels of THC.

cbd cures breast cancer
Cancer Org Marks Anniversary with Key New CBD partnership

Of all the benefits that CBD potentially holds, arguably the ones most hoped-for are those that may bring relief to cancer patients. Among the flurry of studies on CBD, several are several looking into the potential ways CBD may provide for cancer patients’ pain, appetite, nausea and – who knows – perhaps even prevention.

Inflammation is the Secret Killer and CBD is the Cure

(Time Magazine) Inflammation is a response from your immune system. Let’s use a basic example. If you get a splinter in your finger your immune system responds by releasing hormones that cause blood vessel dilation/expansion. This blood vessel dilation allows for inflammatory cells to be carried to the site of injury allowing the healing process to begin. These inflammatory cells will create chemical irritation around the nerves in your fingers. When the nerves are irritated a message is sent to your brain, signaling you are in pain! In response to the pain you are going to be extra cautious with your injured finer. In this scenario we see inflammation is a good thing. But what if the inflammatory chemicals and signals never turned off?

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Springtime Is Warming Up For Regulating CBD

Last week, Hemp Business Journal Founder Sean Murphy spoke at a Congressional briefing before the Dietary Supplement Caucus. Presenting market data and analysis, he discussed the state of the hemp and cannabidiol (CBD) markets as well as regulatory challenges facing the industry, including how the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) may ultimately regulate the use of hemp-derived CBD. Lawmakers are focusing on the FDA’s regulating hemp-derived CBD based on the 2018 Farm Bill, which removed hemp and CBD from the federal list of controlled substances. During his testimony to Congress in March, outgoing FDA commissioner Scott Gottlieb said that the agency is practicing “enforcement discretion” regarding CBD products, and that they will only take action against companies that are making “over-the-line claims.”

Can CBD Really Do All That? How one molecule from the cannabis plant came to be seen as a therapeutic cure-all.

(NY Times Magazine) How one molecule from the cannabis plant came to be seen as a therapeutic cure-all. We are bombarded by a dizzying variety of CBD-infused products: beers, gummies, chocolates and marshmallows; lotions to rub on aching joints; oils to swallow; vaginal suppositories for “soothing,” in one company’s words, “the area that needs it most.” CVS and Walgreens each recently announced plans to sell CBD products in certain states. numerous articles and testimonials suggest that CBD can effectively treat not just epilepsy but also anxiety, pain, sleeplessness, Crohn’s disease, arthritis and even anger.

How To Bake With CBD: Your cookies, brownies and cakes can benefit from CBD

Thanks to the legalization of cannabidiol, also known as CBD, in all 50 states, edibles have taken on new meaning. CBD products have been finding their way onto menus at bars and eateries across the country, but many health departments have recently been cracking down and banning their sale at these establishments. So if you want to sink your teeth into a treat made with CBD, your best bet may be to make it yourself. Here’s what you need to know about baking with CBD. It won’t get you high, but it may help relieve symptoms of anxiety and pain.

bath bombs
CBD Bath Bombs are "the bomb", adding extra punch to tub

A hot bath is always relaxing, but now some are adding an extra punch to the tub - cannabidiol. An expert said adding CBD, which comes in a package that looks like a regular bath bomb, has several benefits. Emmanuel Rivera, from American Shaman CBD in The Village tested the CBD bath bomb for himself before American Shaman CBD started selling the product. "I was very sore on my back. I got in the bath with the CBD bomb, I got out and I had no more aches," he said.

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CBD oil sales are booming, but are you getting what you pay for?

Across the country, "canna-business" is booming. CBD hemp products are popping up everywhere, from health food stores to dog groomers. Investigative reporter Karla Ray has learned, however, that many consumers might not always know what they are buying. In some cases, products labeled with CBD may not actually have any CBD at all. CBD is not regulated, meaning companies are not required to test to ensure potency levels are as advertised, and no one from the government is doing so either.

How CBD Companies Are Preparing for the Future of Compliance

Following the passage of the Farm Bill and its legalization of hemp cultivation, the market for CBD products in the United States is growing at a breakneck pace. The huge expansion that the industry has seen in recent months, though, can make it easy to forget that the Farm Bill wasn’t the end of the conversation around CBD’s legal standing, but the beginning.While expansion is currently outpacing regulation in the CBD oil industry, that won’t be the case forever. When changes do come to how CBD products are licensed and regulated, they’re likely to be major and go into effect quickly.

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Does CBD Oil Have Health Benefits — and Is It Legal?

(People) CBD oil was in the news again this week when a great-grandmother was arrested outside Disney World for allegedly having the cannabis-based compound with purported medicinal benefits in her purse. The woman said her doctors recommended CBD for arthritis, and the charges were later dropped. But the arrest brought to light unanswered questions about the ingredient, which has been touted by celebrities like Kim Kardashian West and Kristen Bell and has gained a reputation as an elixir for ailments ranging from anxiety to diabetes.

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Early Research Is Hopeful About CBD and Depression

Scientists in Brazil have found that CBD interacts positively with serotonin receptors in the brain. ust one dose of CBD helped mice and rats experience “acute antidepressant effects” due to increased levels of proteins in their brains’ medial prefrontal cortex and hippocampus. In other words, it made the mice feel much less behavioral despair when put through certain tests. That’s the findings of a study published this year in the journal Molecular Neurobiology by researchers from the University of Sao Paulo in Brazil and Aarhus University Hospital in Denmark. They are using CBD in animal studies as a first step toward eventual human tests.The researchers wrote, “The main finding of the present study is that CBD induces not only a robust acute, but also sustained, antidepressant-like effect in different species and distinct animal models.”

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Maker of Oreos considers adding CBD to snacks

Mondelez, maker of beloved cookies like Oreos, Nutter Butters, and Chips Ahoy, may be getting into the CBD industry. The company’s CEO, Dirk Van De Put, told CNBC last week about its plans to get into CBD snacks: “We’re getting ready, but we obviously want to stay within what is legal and play it the right way.” One issue that immediately came to mind to the parents among us is how to differentiate between kid cookies and grownup cookies? There have already been enough horror stores of kids bringing edibles to schools, thinking they were just regular gummy bears. Mondelez’s plans are so far only speculative. Nevertheless, CNBC points out that professional chefs named CBD- and cannabis-infused food as the top food trend of 2019.

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Retailers struggle to keep CBD on shelves in Canada

Retailers across Canada are struggling with a shortage of all cannabis, but there's one product they're especially desperate to keep on shelves: cannabidiol or CBD, a non-intoxicating extract vaunted for its purported health benefits.The extract, most commonly sold as oil, has been promoted as a natural cure for pain, anxiety and insomnia, despite limited medical research. Many customers are coming in asking for it, especially first-time and older users, store owners say. Companies are ramping up hemp growth to produce the trendy extract, but observers expect the shortage to persist until late this year.

dog with cbd jar
Pets are the hot new customer as owners use CBD to ease pain & anxiety

(CNBC) Some of the CBD industry’s biggest consumers aren’t even human. Dogs and cats are increasingly taking the non-intoxicating cannabis compound as their owners seek to provide relief to their four-legged friends for everything from anxiety to pain and seizures. People are swearing by it and more vets are prescribing it. CBD pet products could balloon to a $1.16 billion industry in the U.S. by 2022, the Brightfield Group estimates. CBD is one of the hottest consumer products in the market today. It’s being added to everything from tea to body lotion and meatballs. Pet products are a lucrative market since people love splurging on their pets. Last year, Americans spent $33 billion on pet food and treats, according to Nielsen.

CBD Goes Mainstream-CR surveyed more than one thousand CBD users nationwide to find out whether it’s changing their lives—and how

(Consumer Reports) Consumer Reports surveyed more than one thousand CBD users nationwide to find out whether it’s changing their lives — and how. A mother uses CBD to treat her son’s seizures. A veteran hopes it will help her wean off opioids. A dietitian says it helps her sleep through the night. Even a pet owner uses it to calm his anxious Saint Bernard. These are just some of the estimated 64 million Americans who have tried CBD, or cannabidiol, in the past 24 months, according to a January 2019 nationally representative Consumer Reports survey of more than 4,000 Americans. The survey found that more than a quarter of people in the U.S. say they’ve tried CBD. Americans of all ages are using it, too. Most of those who tried CBD reported that it was effective, especially among those who used it for anxiety. In some cases, they said CBD allowed them to eliminate OTC or prescription drugs, including opioids.

Farm Bill Sets the Stage for Legal CBD Across the Country

(Consumer Reports) Farmers can now grow hemp, but regulatory questions about the cannabis compound remain. A sweeping agriculture bill recently signed by President Trump gives the legislative nod needed to make CBD (cannabidiol), one of hemp’s byproducts, legal at the federal level. That’s good news for consumers who use or want to try various products infused with CBD, which is nonpsychoactive. And it could soon mean more products for consumers on retail store shelves. The bill also allows farmers to legally grow industrial hemp.The agency plans to hold hearings soon to consider how to regulate CBD in the future.Joseph Dowling, the CEO of CV Sciences, the manufacturer of PlusCBD Oil, says the bill’s passage should make way for more retail sales throughout the U.S. The 2018 Farm Bill legislation, will provide the legal framework for CBD products to be placed onto store shelves.

What Is CBD? What to Know Now About This Cannabis Product

(Consumer Reports)The FDA has approved the first marijuana drug, and cannabidiol may get easier to buy. Is CBD legal and effective? Cannabidiol, commonly called CBD, holds the promise of relieving a long list of ailments, from pain to epilepsy to multiple sclerosis. While this chemical compound comes from marijuana or its close relative hemp, CBD does not get users high, unlike another compound from the marijuana plant, THC. But because the federal government classifies marijuana as an illegal drug and hemp has a complicated legal status, CBD is also highly controversial. Still, the CBD market is exploding, expected to grow to $2.15 billion by 2021 from roughly $292 million in 2016, according to the Brightfield Group, a market research firm.

Can CBD Treat Opioid Addiction? It may help people wean off addictive pain meds

(Consumer Reports) The popular cannabis compound may help some people wean off addictive pain meds. Growing research suggests that CBD may help ease pain, seizures, and anxiety. Yet unlike cannabis’s other well-known compound, THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), CBD does not get people high. Patients and physicians are increasingly using CBD, not just to ease pain but also to see if the compound can reduce reliance on opioids. And researchers across the country are now studying whether CBD (alone or in combination with THC) could be a tool in the fight against the ongoing opioid crisis.

Dangerous Chemicals Are Found in Popular CBD Products

(Consumer Reports) A new study detects synthetic marijuana and an OTC cough drug in vaping liquids. Several products from a leading brand of CBD vaping liquids contain a chemical that’s been linked to emergency room admissions and even death, according to a study published this month in Forensic Science International. This most recent study is just one of several to raise concerns about the safety and purity of the CBD products now available. A spokesperson for the Food and Drug Administration, for example, said the agency has in recent years warned manufacturers after testing CBD products found online, finding that they contained more or less CBD than was claimed. Many also were sold with unsubstantiated health claims.

How to Shop for CBD- consumers need to take matters into their own hands and often have to rely on CBD manufacturers to self-police.

(Consumer Reports) Thousands of the cannabis products line store shelves, but determining what’s safe is up to you. The CBD market is expected to multiply at least sevenfold by 2021, to $2.15 billion, up from $292 million in 2016, according to the Brightfield Group, a market research firm that specializes in cannabis. Even Coca-Cola says it’s “closely watching” the growing interest in CBD and its potential as an ingredient in some of the company’s beverages. 47 states have now legalized CBD from hemp, marijuana, or both and many don’t require any testing. And among those that do, the details vary considerably. As a result, consumers need to take matters into their own hands and often have to rely on CBD manufacturers to self-police. You should always ask to see a product’s COA. That document shows how a product performed on tests checking for CBD and THC levels, and the presence of contaminants.

Can CBD Help You Sleep? Some research suggests it might be worth a try

(Consumer Reports) Some research suggests it might be worth a try. People have been turning to cannabis for its possible health benefits for a long, long time. Its ability to help people, for example, is mentioned in the Atharvaveda, a Hindu text that dates back to around 1500 B.C., and its use for inducing sleep is described in a 1200 A.D. Chinese medical text. Today, people are still using cannabis to help them sleep, particularly one form of it: CBD, or cannabidiol. That’s a compound found in marijuana and hemp that doesn’t get you high, and that has recently exploded in popularity because of its potential to treat other health problems, including pain and anxiety. In a recent nationally representative Consumer Reports survey, about 10 percent of Americans who reported trying CBD said they used it to help them sleep, and a majority of those people said it worked.

DEA Clears the Cannabis Drug Epidiolex for Sale in the U.S.

(Consumer Reports) But feds say it doesn't change the legal status of marijuana or its compounds, CBD and THC. The Drug Enforcement Agency ruled Thursday that the new epilepsy drug Epidiolex—which contains CBD, a chemical extracted from cannabis plants—won’t face the same federal restrictions as other products made from marijuana. That will make Epidiolex the first medication derived from marijuana that doctors can legally prescribe everywhere in the country.However, the decision applies only to Epidiolex. The DEA still considers CBD, in other forms to be a Schedule I drug, the same as heroin and LSD. While many states have passed laws legalizing CBD, citing its potential health benefits, from the federal government’s perspective the compound remains illegal, at least when it comes from marijuana. The company estimates that Epidiolex will be available in the next six weeks.

Which Natural Treatments Work for Pain, Stress, and Insomnia?

(Consumer Reports) Sometimes the best medicine cannot be found in the drugstore. Certain health conditions have clear solutions. For a urinary tract infection, for example, you take an antibiotic. For high cholesterol, you’re told to eat better, exercise more, and perhaps take a statin. But for some common and persistent ills—chronic pain, stress, and insomnia in particular—it can be hard to pinpoint the exact causes and even harder to treat. Thirteen percent of Americans in a recent Consumer Reports survey said they had tried cannabidiol, or CBD, for its potential health benefits, and of those, nearly 90 percent said it helped.

How to Safely Use CBD: Should You Inhale, Spray, Apply, or Eat It?

(Consumer Reports) Cannabidiol, touted for its many possible health benefits, is in pills, creams, and even salad dressings and honey. CBD, a cannabis extract touted for its potential health benefits, can now be found in a dizzying array of products and forms. In dozens of states, health food stores, pharmacies, and even supermarkets and restaurants are carrying CBD products. That includes pills, oils, balms, vaping devices (like e-cigarettes), and edibles, including gummy bears, honey, coffees, and alcoholic beverages, among others.

Can CBD Help Your Child? parents are giving CBD to their children to manage a range of other conditions, such as autism and anxiety.

(Consumer Reports) Parents are using the cannabis compound to manage hard-to-treat ailments in kids, but there are still many unknowns. “CBD has become a very popular over-the-counter type of treatment that parents get on their own and give their children, and some say they see a big improvement,” says Doris Trauner, M.D., distinguished professor of neurosciences and pediatrics at the University of California San Diego School of Medicine and a physician at San Diego’s Rady Children’s Hospital. “Every other patient I see is asking about it.”

CBD For Pets in Pain-Medical cannabis for pets usually comes as a liquid oil or as treats.

A veterinarian’s advice on how to use cannabis to treat pain and inflammation in your four-legged companion. When considering cannabis as a medical option for the treatment of pain and inflammation, it is important to understand how the various components of a cannabis preparation may affect your pet. Medical cannabis can be of great benefit to animals in pain. Ultimately, however, safe and effective use of cannabis requires an understanding of the milligram amounts of THC and CBD (or other cannabinoids), the ratio of cannabinoids, and availability of a medicine in a concentration appropriate for dosing a veterinary patient.

'It was a no brainer': Bubba Watson on using CBD products in golf

Two-time Masters champion Bubba Watson says CBD, the chemical found in hemp and marijuana plants an help sustain his career at the highest level. CBD is non-psychoactive, and is marketed to help relieve pain, reduce inflammation and lessen symptoms of anxiety. Watson, who recently celebrated his 40th birthday, revealed he uses such products in order to ease the rigors of playing professional golf and credits it for keeping him free of injury. "So for me it was about how I create longevity in the game of golf and spending time with my kids running around. CBD was easily a fit for me." Watson recently entered into a partnership with cbdMD, a company which produces a variety of cannabidiol goods.

Vitamin Shoppe Defies the FDA and is Selling CBD Edibles & Drops

The national retailer, the Vitamin Shoppe is now carrying CBD softgels and will also start selling CBD drops before the end of the month. The Vitamin Shoppe has almost 800 stores throughout the United States, and the CBD products will initially be available in 14 states in addition to Washington DC and Puerto Rico.The move by the Vitamin Shoppe follows announcements by Walgreens, CVS and Rite-Aid that they would sell CBD products. However, Walgreens, CVS, and Rite-Aid are at least for now limiting their CBD products to topicals. This announcement by the Vitamin Shoppe, as a national retailer, they would sell ingestible CBD products is a game-changer.

Urban Outfitters joins retail rush to sell CBD products

Urban Outfitters entered into an agreement with a New York-based cannabis company to begin selling CBD products in six stores and online. The New York-based clothing and home decor retailer plans to begin selling CBD For Life – a line that includes topicals, cosmetics and tinctures – later this month.The agreement will place CBD For Life products at the retailer’s top U.S. locations. The company joins Sephora, Ulta Beauty, Neiman Marcus, Barneys and DSW in selling hemp-derived products through mainstream retail channels.

Rite Aid joins CBD trend, selling topicals in Oregon and Washington

Rite Aid is taking a smaller initial step into the hemp CBD market, offering products in its Washington and Oregon stores only. Rite Aid announced its plans to join its competitors Walgreens and CVS in the legal CBD market. The enthusiasm surrounding CBD-infused health and beauty only continues to grow. And Washington and Oregon, where Rite Aid has started offering CBD across 200 stores, are two of the friendliest states when it comes to cannabidiol regulations. Walgreens and CVS have already started selling CBD in both states. With such a bourgeoning market, Rite Aid’s move is an obvious one.

CVS to sell CBD products in 800 stores in 8 states

(USA Today) CBD-infused sprays, roll-ons, creams and salves will be offered as an 'alternative source of relief'. Some CVS stores selling topical products infused with cannabis extract CBD but not edibles. “Anecdotally, we’ve heard from our customers that have used those products that, gee, it’s helped with pain relief for arthritis and other ailments",CVS Health CEO Larry Merlo stated. CVS Health spokesman Mike DeAngelis said the chain was working with "CBD product manufacturers that are complying with applicable laws and that meet CVS’s high standards for quality."

CBD Sales to Reach $2.1B by 2021-25% of which would come from industrial hemp.

Forbes and The Hemp Business Journal estimate that the CBD market will grow to $2.1 billion in consumer sales by 2021.Even more interesting is that they're thinking that roughly 25% of those CBD sales would come from industrial hemp. That would mean a whopping 700% increase from 2016. An interesting point is evidence showing that traditional marijuana users are willing to give CBD a try. Maybe it's not all about the THC after all. It is up to consumers to do their homework and check with these CBD companies to learn what products they should buy and where the company gets its CBD extract.

Kim Kardashian's CBD-Themed Baby Shower Is Truly A Sight To Behold

(BuzzFeed) Kim Kardashian had a baby shower for her soon-to-be fourth child with Kanye West on Saturday, and the theme was something you might not expect: CBD. Guests got to make their own CBD bath salts and body oils. And when the shower was over, guests left with a WHOLE LOTTA CBD products.

Young parents are dropping CBD to be more ‘present’ and ‘patient’ with their kids

( Some parents are turning to CBD, a marijuana extract that users say helps curb anxiety and induce relaxation — without the high of smoking pot. Marc Lewis, a 33-year-old digital marketing professional who lives in Raleigh, N.C., with two young children, ages 3 and 1½, is another one. “A dropper of CBD makes this dad more patient,” he tells MarketWatch. “It’s like the kids scream less and those tiny hands aren’t so sticky.”

The CBD boom is way ahead of the science

Strict regulations have stunted research on cannabidiol, but that hasn’t hampered product popularity. Produced by the cannabis plant, CBD is the straitlaced cousin of marijuana’s more famous component-the THC that delivers a mind-swirling high. CBD, or cannabidiol, has no such intoxicating effects on the mind. Yet the molecule has captured people’s attention in a profound way, sold as a remedy for pain, anxiety, insomnia and other ailments-all without the high. Scientists still don’t know all of the targets CBD hits in the human body, nor what effects it may have, if any. With the exception of tests in people with rare forms of epilepsy, large studies that compare CBD with placebos in people are rare. Much of the existing research was done with cells in the lab or in lab animals, with results that don’t necessarily translate to people. Small trials are under way looking at the effect of CBD on anxiety, pain, opioid addiction, depression and other health problems. National Institutes of Health funding for CBD studies went from zero in 2014 to an estimated $16 million in 2018.

Hemp vs Marijuana: The Difference Explained

Due to almost a century of misinformation about Cannabis, the distinction between Cannabis and its two primary species — hemp and marijuana — has become unclear to the many and some even consider the three plants to be one and the same. “Hemp” is a term used to classify varieties of Cannabis that contain 0.3% or less THC content (by dry weight). While the legal definition described above had not been legitimized until the Agricultural Act of 2018 had passed, “hemp” has generally been used to describe non-intoxicating Cannabis that is harvested for the industrial use of its derived products. Based on the context used to describe Hemp and Marijuana, the defining characteristic between the two is based on a single factor — the amount of THC in the plant — or rather whether it will get the user high. While the intoxicating properties of each plant is an important factor to consider, categorizing Cannabis as either hemp or marijuana based on a single characteristic presents a skewed portrayal of Cannabis which prevents users from fully understanding its diversity.

FDA Regulation of Cannabis and Cannabis-Derived Products: Questions and Answers

Over the past decade, there has been a growing interest in the development of therapies and other consumer products derived from cannabis and its components, including cannabidiol (CBD). FDA recognizes the potential opportunities that cannabis or cannabis-derived compounds may offer and acknowledges the significant interest in these possibilities. However, FDA is aware that some companies are marketing products containing cannabis and cannabis-derived compounds in ways that violate the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act (FD&C Act) and that may put the health and safety of consumers at risk. The agency is committed to protecting the public health while also taking steps to improve the efficiency of regulatory pathways for the lawful marketing of appropriate cannabis and cannabis-derived products.

New research shows CBD oil could help reduce life-threatening seizures in dogs

Many Georgians, from children with severe epilepsy to veterans with PTSD, told us CBD extracted from cannabis changed their lives. It wasn’t long before people asked their vets: could CBD help my pet too? Up to five percent of dogs have hereditary epilepsy. Those violent seizures, and the medication traditionally used to treat them, can be deadly for dogs. “Oftentimes those dogs don’t live a normal life,” said Dr. Stephanie McGrath. McGrath is testing CBD’s effectiveness in epileptic dogs at CSU. She just completed a pilot study with 16 dogs that yielded promising results. “About 90 percent of the dogs in the treatment group had a reduction in seizure activity, as compared to 43 percent in the control group," McGrath said. Like humans, CBD works on brain receptors in dogs. It somehow alters brain chemistry to reduce the chance of a seizure. McGrath said scientists don’t know exactly how and why it works.

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